Epilator: Info and First Impressions.

Any of you ladies hate shaving? Anyone out there super hairy, and have to shave constantly? Any girls out there insecure about the '5 o'clock shadow' under your arms and convinced it will never go away?

Well, with shaving, it won't. Shaving only takes the hair off the top but doesn't get it from the root, which is why it leaves the shadow. The only way to do that is waxing, and who really has the time(or the funds!) to do that every two-three weeks. Besides, you have to let the hair grow to a certain length before you can wax it, and no one likes to be a slightly hairy wait-er either!

Enter the Epilator: 

 Emoji Soft Caress Corded Epilator. $40 +shipping on Amazon.

The Epilator is the miracle I've been waiting for, who knew it was right in front of me the whole time?? The Epilator has been out for years and years, I'm surprised it isn't more popular. So... what is it you ask?

An epilator is a little handleheld machine(device?) that has lots of tweezers(the one I own has 40) inside. What is does is it pulls the hair out of the skin from the root. Benefits of the epilator: Pulls hair from the root, which lightens the area you're removing hair from. Hair takes longer to grow back, and it grows back thinner. First time it should take a week to grow back, which is awesome. Over time it will take 6-7 weeks to grow back hair. The thought of that is AMAZING!

The top of the epilator:

Is there anyone thinking, this looks(and sounds) painful? That's because it is. Now, don't let that stop you. Remember, beauty is pain and it's only temporary. According to reviews, pain from epilation is only for the first time, and after that the pain is minimal to none. Reading the reviews, I was weary to get it. Desperate for pretty armpits, I bit the bullet and bought it.

Places I've epilated so far: hands, upper lip, legs and underarms. Do what did I think?

Hands: No biggie. Feels like a little pinching. Pain level: 1. 

Upper Lip: Don't use the second speed, moves all over your face. Hurt a little more. Pain level 2-4(sides of mouth hurt a bit more then top).

Legs: Pain was very minimal under the knee, maybe a 1. A bit more painful on the thigh, I would say it was a 2, back of the legs a 3. I've done it twice. Second time, no pain at all. :)

Underarms: OH MY GOD. Sorry to say, all the reviews I've read were right, this hurt like all hell. Pain level. Maybe a 6-7. It bled. Took forever to finish. Just did it for the first time, and as a type, my underarms are sore. My sister has already done this and said the soreness didn't even last a day. Lets hope. HOWEVER, my armpits are so much lighter, I almost wanted to cry out of happiness(and pain, lol). They look so good, I can't wait to see them look better and better over time.

This comes with a snap on cover, two epilating caps, one normal and the other one with a comb attachment(kinda uncomfortable, don't really like it).
It also comes with a brush to get the hair out(not really fond of it), the cord to use it, and this pad thingy to use after epilating(after touching that once, I know I will never use that, its super rough).

All in all, even though my armpits are painful to the touch right now, my epilated body parts are soooo smooth and I am sooo happy about that. I will post an update on the epilator in a few weeks to let you know if I am still in favor of it! If I left anything out, feel free to comment and ask me. Until then, toodles!


A Week in Photos


Okay so maybe like three days in photos. Lol. I have others that I am just not in love with, so this is all I will post for now. Yay for the 1st post of 2011! My hair is growing pretty fast, although it is time for a trim. I've had a very eventful two days, NYE and the day before, so I am worn out and dehydrated. I hope everyone had an amazing New Years Eve! Happy 2011!