Snowy Bliss

Us NYC-ers just got our first blizzard of the season! Braved the cold and snow to go shopping for day after Christmas sales! Highly disappointed in what was offered, but I had a great day with my boy and I got a cute pair of boots. The trip in the snow was a doosie though! It kicked my butt, hence no picture of me. Haha! Hope everyone had a great Sunday!


Feeling Festive

Tunic and Cardigan: H&M

No makeup yet in the first few pictures, but I was feeling the urge to post! I spent Christmas Eve with my bf's father's side and Christmas with his mother's side. Great times. I hope everyone got what they asked for! Merry Christmas! Best wishes :)


Tuesday Blues

Shots from my work day. Tuesday was yucky in NYC. Rainy and no sun in sight. Good day though. Busy, but no complaints. :)

Scarf: H&M
Sweater: Forever21

Silence and Noise

I know the last picture was weird but I wanted to show my socks. :)

Top: 'Oversized Chiffon Button-Up' - American Apparel
Pants: H&M
Bracelet: ' I heart boobies' - Zumiez


The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

I love my new coat!! I usually go for black peacoats, but I'm sure my coat from last year will suffice.

Coat: Zara


Small Black Friday Haul =)

Sorry I have ben a very bad blogger/youtuber lately. I honestly haven't felt inspired by anything, or motivated to film. I'm not going to take down my videos or anything, but for now I am on an official hiatus. I will however update my blog when I have something substantial to post. :) I'll do my usual random fashion posts and hair updates and some hauls here and there(may only be one or two items, but hey, I'm not rich).

I've actually been more interested in fashion nowadays than makeup. I havent bought a new makeup item in quite some time and I'm not drooling over anything particular at the moment. So i have been focusing my time and attention(and money) on clothes. I'm not sure exactly what my style is, because I wear things from so many different styles. I think I just really like clothes. Lol.

Sooo .. Black Friday isn't really about the clothes, but since my boyfriend wanted a tv, I thought, might as well check out some clothes as well. We went at nighttime, because I had work(boo), but there was still some good stuff around. After work, since I was still in the city, and Palisades Mall doesnt have an American Apparel, I stopped by to take advantage of their 20% off the entire store.

First item:

Oversized Chiffon Button Up in Black
Retails for $58.00 but with the 20% off it came to approximately $48(including tax)
I had been eyeing this for a while, but honestly, the $58.00 price tag has repeatedly stopped me from purchasing(I could get a pair of boots for that much) but American Apparel clothing is worth it. I'm glad I finally picked it up!

Next up, I met up with the boo and we went to the mall. Of course I had to stop in Forever21. I've been less interested in their clothing and pretty much only been buying plain colored basics. Nevertheless I always have to look. They only had clearance stuff on sale, and I
1. Was not interested in anything in plain sight in the clearance section
2. Felt bad enough dragging my boyfriend in there to have him watch me pick through piles of clearance clothes.

So i basically just picked up the first thing that caught my attention, did a full sweep of the store and found nothing else i liked(that happens to me too often at F21).

Second item:

Paid full price, but it was only $9.80, so no biggie. I only saw this one by itself and it was in a small. I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be oversized and I would prefer a medium, but hey, it was pretty and I couldnt pass it up. The collar has a slightly different design than a normal sweater, that I totally cut off in the picture(great job Trina).

Then I went to Target, my boyfriend looked at the tv's, and I dragged him to the intimates section afterward, to find a bra. No luck there, as Target is always sold out of my size, in the bras I like anyways. But then I walked pass the hosiery, and I saw these:

Merona Boot Socks 'Over The Knee' Gray and Black.

I wanted over the knee socks for a while. And these were only $5.00. So i figured I'd give these a try!

So that's it for my haul! I also got a book and bought my bf a book, but I buy a book at least once a week so that's not super exciting. I think I'll start posts about my favorite books, or maybe authors.

See you soon!
xoxo, Trina.